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Suzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute is a public institution directly under Suzhou Municipal People's Government, a non-profit public research institution for technology R&D, promotion and application.

As a "test field" for scientific and technological structural reform, Suzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute implements the experience model of "research and development serving  industry, technology serving goods", adopting "institution + limited company" mode, focusing on Suzhou future industrial layout, emerging industrial clusters, and competitive industry upgrading, centering on research and development of core industrial technologies, common key technologies and forward-looking technologies, integrated innovation of interdisciplinary disciplines, filling the gap in the innovation chain between upstream basic research and downstream enterprise product manufacturing.


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Work content:

◆ Positive layout developing: Aiming at laying out future industries, cultivating emerging industries, supporting transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, focusing on research and development of industrious applied technologies, the city plans to develop technology research institutes, improving its original innovation capabilities;

◆ Attracting global innovation resources: Promoting and developing offshore innovation centers, attracting global high-end talent teams and projects to settle in Suzhou, forming a "hub" for knowledge flow and transformation of results;
◆ Developing investment platforms: Applying equity investment to support technology research institutes, offshore innovation centers, incubation-derived innovation enterprises established by Suzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute, encouraging participation of various social capitals;
◆ Industrial technology research: Studying global technology development trends, conducting Suzhou industrial technology analysis, finding out R&D foundations and technology gaps of key technologies, developing technology roadmaps, providing a "think tank" to Suzhou industrial layout;


Development goals:
◆ Gathering innovation teams: Attracting global leading, forward-looking and subversive technological innovation teams to settle in Suzhou, gathering leading research and development talents with industry-leading technology, international visions and capabilities;
◆ Breaking through industrial technologies: Conducting key technology research, development and breakthroughs of forward-looking technologies and key technologies restricting industrial development, promoting local technological upgrading and industrial restructuring;

◆ Enterprise service and cultivation: Developing technology diffusion mechanisms, promoting innovation and development through technology transfer and incubation of derivative companies, developing science and technology public technology service systems, providing technological innovation support platforms to various small and medium-sized enterprises;


Suzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute aims to develop about 50 technology research institutes within 5 years, prying provincial investment of 1 billion Yuan and R&D investment of 5 billion Yuan, incubating 700 derivative and innovative enterprises (including 200 high-tech enterprises), gathering 2,000 leading R&D talents, increasing a high-tech output value of 50 billion Yuan;



Address: 4 / F, Building 2, Independent Innovation Plaza, No. 178 Ganjiang East Road, Suzhou


Suzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute

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